Falcon Service Package

$120.00 SGD

What is included in the 1 Year Falcon Service Package?

We offer a comprehensive set of services that are very value for money. They include the following:

  • 2 X General Service (worth up to $120)
  • Covers Diagnosis & Service fees (worth $55 each time)
  • Free Brake Tuning Services (worth $25 each time)

Free UNLIMITED replacement for the following worn out consumable parts:

  • Tubes(Punctures) - worth $40 per repair
  • Tyres - worth $65 per repair
  • Brake Pads - worth $25 per set
  • Disc Rotor - worth $45 per disc
  • Drum Brake - worth $35

*Package only applies to the scooter (s/n) stated on receipt.

Why is the service package recommended?

Just like any motor vehicle, regular maintenance is needed to keep your electric scooter running optimally. It is recommended to do a general service once every 4-6 months for a thorough tune up. Find out which electric scooter parts need regular maintenance.

What brands of electric scooters can we repair and service?

In general, we service all brands of electric scooters and electric bikes. However, we specialize in Inokim, I-MAX, Ninebot, Xiaomi Mijia, ZERO, etwow, Zoom Air, jack hot, and Stigo.

Terms and Conditions:
1. Only scooters sold by Falcon PEV or Falcon PEV's authorized dealers can be considered "Falcon Scooters".

2. The package is non-transferable. Parts requested for change must be deemed reasonably worn as per our in-house technicians.

3. Service package only covers for carry in repair only, NOT for onsite services. Onsite services are charged an additional fee.