Kabuto Steair

$198.00 SGD

kabuto helmet logo

kabuto steair logo

Kabuto steair rider

A helmet endorsed by the JCF (Public Good) Japan Bicycle Federation. Need we say more?


  • Compact and sharp design. 
  • Comfortable fitting of the round form.
  • AI (Anti-Insect) net
    Adopted for the main purpose of preventing invasion of insects from air intake. The AI net that wraps the whole head is also ideal for those seeking importance on fitting.
  • NIP normal inner pad
    It is an inner pad set that emphasizes ventilation for the purpose of air introduction effect.
  • XF-3 adjuster
    A new type adjuster system which made it possible to greatly reduce weight and finer fine adjustment. 4 degree angle adjustment is possible.
    3 year deodorant
    A momentary deodorant material which adopted a new deodorizing method completely different from the conventional one using nanotechnology technology. "MOFF" is the next-generation deodorant fiber that has less instantaneous deodorant effect, safety, and less environmental impact.