• UL2272 - What it means for electric scooter riders and buyers

    28 Sep , 2018

    Singapore has arguably the most number of electric scooter or personal mobility devices (PMDs) riders per capita than any other country in the world. The compact city state’s well-paved sidewalks make it an excellent environment for commuting on bicycles and electric scooters.In early September of 2018, an announcement from the Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore surprised electric scooter riders and sellers alike. An Expiry Date The authority had just announced...


  • 5 things that compromise electric scooter range

    29 Jun , 2018
    Do you know what shortens the range of your electric scooter? Find out what they are and learn how to avoid them and get the best mileage from your e-scooter.


  • Electric scooters at the Trump Kim Summit

    14 Jun , 2018

    The whole world watched as Donald Trump and Kim Jun Eun converged in sunny Singapore for the 'Trump Kim Summit' on 12 June 2018. Many believe this meeting will make a difference in relieving tensions between at least two countries that possess nuclear weapons. We are as excited and hopeful as everybody else and even got to contribute a little bit to this historical meeting. FalconPEV is privileged to have been...


  • Singapore Electric Scooter Laws in 60 seconds

    05 Jun , 2018

    Above: do you know where you can or cannot ride your electric scooter? The Active Mobility Act has come into effect since 1 May 2018. This is a set of laws governing the use of personal mobility devices (PMD) in Singapore. Riders caught flouting the law by Land Transport Authority (LTA) enforcers may have their devices impounded, confiscated, pay a fine or even go to jail in the most serious...


  • Which to Choose Part 2: Ebike vs Escooter

    02 Jun , 2018
    When do you choose between an ebike and escooter? Here is part 2 of the ebike vs escooter debate adapted from E-Mobility HQ following our first part series here. If you are still unsure after reading our first article, we have created a list of pros and cons for each product category to help you ...