• Sneak Peak: The Inokim Mini 2

    25 Jan , 2019

    Above: The Inokim Mini In 2017, Inokim launched the Mini and Mini Plus, the smallest and lightest electric scooters in its line. These were the first models catered specifically for the first-mile and last-mile commuters. The Mini line traded power for portability. It quickly earned the favour of customers who trusted the brand and wanted a small scooter. The Inokim Mini 2 is the latest iteration of this model, slated...


  • UL2272 - What it means for electric scooter riders and buyers

    28 Sep , 2018

    Singapore has arguably the most number of electric scooter or personal mobility devices (PMDs) riders per capita than any other country in the world. The compact city state’s well-paved sidewalks make it an excellent environment for commuting on bicycles and electric scooters.In early September of 2018, an announcement from the Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore surprised electric scooter riders and sellers alike. An Expiry Date The authority had just announced...


  • The Black Sheep of our E-Scooter Community

    04 Apr , 2018
    What Not To Do As an E-Scooter Rider In this article, we would like to feature some of the mind boggling, image tarnishing stuff that some e-scooter riders in our community are doing. These are the absolute minority but they are giving the majority a bad name. E-Scooters by regulation need to fall within the ...


  • [Opinion] Does E-Scooter Sharing Work

    10 Mar , 2018
    Thoughts on the Growth of E-Scooter Sharing Providers Bike sharing is taking off everywhere, in China, Singapore and many other countries all around the world. Venture capitalists have poured millions if not billions into it. Even Southeast Asian rideshare unicorn Grab has stepped into the game in their recent announcement of GRABCYCLE, partnering with bicycle ...


  • Most Exciting New E-Scooter in 2018

    22 Feb , 2018
    You guys all heard about 2017’s most exciting e-scooter product, the Dualtron Ultra. The Dualtron is a powerhouse e-scooter with plenty of punch on the get-go, dual suspension and an amazing battery range. Its only downside: the weight. The whole package was close to 40kg. However, the Dualtron is last year’s news. In the breakneck pace ...