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The Best in Class - For frequent riding and the smoothest ride

The INOKIM Quick series electric scooter is the most rugged, well built and powerful electric scooter on the market, having gone through 4 years of R&D testing before making it’s debut in 2009.

The INOKIM strikes the perfect balance of ruggedness with 10 inch pneumatic tyres, comfortable large standing deck, and still light enough to carry around at 14.5kg. The perfect electric scooter for long range cruising all around Singapore, or any urban City!

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The Lightest Electric Scooter IN THE WORLD for Ultimate Portability

Planning to carry your electric scooter on the train or bus?

The ZERO 2.0 is the lightest electric scooter IN THE WORLD, weighing only 6.3 KG. It is the most compact and effortless to bring around the city. It may not be as smooth, comfortable or as powerful as the INOKIM, but it is incredibly handy and portable.

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The Best Deal - Unbeatable Value

Tight on budget? Looking for a reliable yet cheap electric scooter? Our I-MAX and Powerocks scooters are a wonderful range that provides the convenience you need at a very affordable price.

The I-MAX electric scooter series is a very solidly built korean-engineered model that is affordable yet maintains a very high quality and performance. Quick, quiet and rugged, the I-MAX electric scooter is great value for money. 

The Powerocks series is a budget entry level electric scooter model that is simple in design and low maintenance. At $799, the Powerocks is the cheapest electric scooter in our range.

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The Best Electric Scooter with Seat 

Too tired to stand up during the long journeys on an electric scooter? Our Stigo is the world's lightest and fastest folding electric scooter with an integrated seat design. The Stigo is only 14kg and can be folded in under 2 seconds.

The small trolley wheels makes it easier to bring up and store your electric scooter on the bus or the train. The Stigo also comes with an ergonomically designed seat that is very comfortable especially for longer commutes.  

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July 25, 2015 by Kelita Yeo

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