How to Keep Your E-Scooter Running Optimally
Yao Lee (Owner)

How to Keep Your E-Scooter Running Optimally

Electric Scooter Maintenance

Just like a car or any motor vehicle, electric scooters similarly require maintenance. The recommended maintenance cycle should be done every 4-6 months. Do inquire about our inhouse service and maintenance package.


Brushless motors popular in Inokim Quick and IMAX S1+ will require cleaning and lurbication. Dust and dirt typically accumulates inside the motor and requires a disassembly to clean out the dust and dirt.



Most electric scooter tires need to be changed after one year or roughly 1500km. Unlike car tires, which can last for 50,000km or more, electric scooter tires are not built that durably given its small size.

How to Keep your E-Scooter Running Optimally
Alex Perez

How to Keep your E-Scooter Running Optimally

Electric scooter maintenance explained. How to properly care for your electric scooter to ensure it runs optimally.

Proper maintenance for your Stigo (or for any escooter)

Watch our helpful instructional video below on how to care for your Stigo Bike before using it for the first time! This will greatly prolong the life of your ebike or e-scooter if you follow these steps. As with all electric scooters (or electronic products with lithium based battery for that matter), always follow these steps: Give a ...

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