Zoom Air 2

$1,099.00 SGD

The Zoom Air 2 electric scooter is the Most Portable Electric Scooter.

Detailed Specifications:
Transmission: 24V 250W 8″ brushless DC hub motor
Battery: Li-Poly 24V 6.5 Ah (upgradable to 8.5Ah)
Weight: 10.7kg (11 kg w/ upgrade)
Range: 25km (35km with Upgrade - Now Available for BOOSTER Model) *
Charge time: 2 hrs for full charge
Top Speed: 26km/h *
Braking System: Front magnetic brakes, Rear fender brake
Tires: 8 inch tubeless tires front and rear

Digital Speedometer, Odo, Battery indicator included.
Front and Rear suspensions
Folding handle bars
Regenerative braking system
(*in ideal conditions)

The Zoom Air 2 is one of the most lightweight electric scooter available. Weighing in at only 10.7kg, it is incredibly portable and compact. The ZoomAir2 specially features retractable handles and foldable design that gives it an astonishingly slim profile, and can be folded or unfolded within 5 seconds. Due to its lightweight and slim profile, the Zoom Air 2 can easily be brought onto the MRT or Bus and even placed under your table at work!



The Zoom Air 2 Booster Model features an accelerated speed of 35 KM/H for those who enjoy a faster ride.
Booster version also includes upgraded ergonomic handle grips for additional comfort and integrated rear lights for safety.